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Core Services

ClearLink Wireless Solutions is a leader in wireless Infrastructure with 20+ years of experience specializing in wireless network design, development, and deployment.

Project Management

ClearLink can help plan, build, and upgrade the network. Bringing years of experience to reference we are able to start the discussion and see it all the way to turn up and optimization. We will provide a baseline plan with a schedule of all milestone forecasts and completions. Each project can be customized based on the customer’s specific needs. We can provide logistics with everything from material procurement, permitting, and quality assurance.

ClearLink can provide a complete turnkey solution.

Design & Engineering

ClearLink has years of specialized design experience. RF deployments require a lot of planning and consideration for the application and use. Whether it’s a Macro, Small Cell, ODAS, or In-building system there are a lot of approaches to examine. ClearLink can help design a system for all applications and future considerations.


ClearLink has been building wireless networks for 20 years. From GSM and CDMA to 5G rollouts. This is where we roll up our sleeves and get to work building the highest quality sites possible. From tower stacks to sport venues to 5G autonomous vehicles and robotic control systems. We’ve done it all, because of the reputation and experience we’ve accumulated over our history. No matter the size of the project we are prepared to take on all the challenges and deliver high quality projects on time, on budget, and most importantly; safely.

Integration & Optimization

ClearLink is able to provide system performance optimization for all wireless services because of our diverse experience in understanding and building different networks with various applications. We work with each customer to understand their specific system design and how to best maximize the deployment under the conditions and environment it is contained in.

Network Assurance

ClearLink has a go to network maintenance services and support team that consistently helps keep the network online and running optimally for all types of users and systems. We offer 24/7 support and a knowledgeable team that can quickly troubleshoot and resolve issues an minimize service interruptions and customer complaints.

We are the clear choice for your wireless world.

Tower Install

Highest standards. Extensive experience. Superior quality.

Choose an industry leader and innovator.

ClearLink Wireless Solutions is a turn-key provider specializing in construction and design services. We can design, build, integrate and service all the related equipment and systems as well as manage the relationship with any other party or group. We have traveled across the country working hand in hand with our customers; from design and implementation to operations and optimizations, we follow the project through every phase. 

Solutions that Connect the World

Advanced Wireless Solutions

With decades of combined experience in the wireless sector, cutting-edge technology, and electrical services, ClearLink Wireless Solutions has become an industry leader and innovator. Through hard work and superior quality, we have quickly grown in size and clientele. Today, we serve some of the biggest and most demanding customers in a variety of applications. Our knowledgeable and trained team executes every job with expertise and precision.
We offer a wide range of services including:

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